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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Citizens' Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP)

Citizens' Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP): Water quality information collected by citizens is managed and analyzed in a relational database, and Inletkeeper produces annual water quality reports, which analyze all citizen-collected data in the Kachemak Bay and Anchor River watersheds.


The objectives of Cook Inletkeeper’s Citizens’ Environmental Monitoring Program were to:

  • inventory baseline water quality in the waters of the Kachemak Bay and Anchor River watersheds;
  • detect and report significant changes and track water quality trends;
  • raise public awareness of the importance of water quality through hands-on involvement.


To promote these objectives, Cook Inletkeeper trained volunteers to collect water quality data for selected parameters that will enhance understanding of overall environmental health and testing methods that have proven successful in citizen-based programs throughout the United States.

As our volunteers collected full baseline datasets for our streams, we created a baseline water quality report to compile watershed-specific information. Baseline reports for these stream sites will make up the CEMP baseline water quality library for the Kachemak Bay and Anchor River watersheds.  We anticipate completion of this library by the end of 2016.