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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Clean Boating & Harbors

Inletkeeper works towards cost-effective pollution prevention measures with boaters and boating facilities around Southcentral Alaska and beyond.

Seldovia HarborHere at Cook Inletkeeper we love the water - and we love boating! We have a long history of working with boaters and harbors towards pro-active pollution prevention while enjoying our coasts, rivers and lakes. Starting in the 1990's we worked with the Homer Harbor to secure spill response kits on the floats, and a sewage pump-out barge for boaters. We continue to partner with other organizations and communities to provide resources, activities and action for boaters and for over a decade we have produced clean boating tide books that highlight tips and interesting facts surrounding boat-based pollution prevention.

Follow the links below to find out more about our clean boating program activities:

Alaska Clean Harbors

Alaska’s vast coastline and rich marine systems attract hundreds of thousands of recreational and commercial boaters each year, and these magnificent resources generate significant revenues for local communities and small businesses. But Alaska’s harbors and boat launches also pose some of the most vexing pollution and environmental protection issues facing the state. Boat-based lubricants, batteries and plastics can pollute local waters, contaminate fish and shellfish, and entangle marine life. At the same time, our harbors and launches also provide incredible opportunities to educate user groups to adopt standardized protocols and reward pollution prevention practices.

In 2007 Inletkeeper board member Mako Haggarty joined the Alaska Clean Harbors workgroup. This group, funded by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens' Advisory Council (CIRCAC), and led by Nuka Research, developed best management practices that are found within the Alaska Clean Harbors Guidebook (available through Alaska Sea Grant).

Alaska Clean Harbors began in 2010In 2009, ADEC funded Inletkeeper to develop the Alaska Clean Harbors certification program. Similar to Clean Marina programs in the Lower 48, through ACH we work with harbor operators to implement best management practices to prevent pollution. Using a checklist, facilities perform a self-evaluation that is followed by a site visit by ACH. Final certification applications have to be approved by the ACH Advisory Committee.  More information about Alaska Clean Harbors can be found at the website:


For More Information

For more information on Inletkeeper's clean boating and clean harbors work, please contact Rachel Lord at or 907.235.4068 x29