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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Abandoned & Derelict Vessels

Since 2014 Inletkeeper has been facilitating the ad-hoc Abandoned & Derelict Vessel Task Force.

NOTE: This webpage is a stand-in for our ADV Task Force site which is currently down. Please contact Rachel for any background material that is not included here.

With a coastline longer than that of the Lower 48 states combined, the State of Alaska has many coastal and riverine communities accessible only by water means and located off of the road network. As a result, these communities see considerable marine and riverine vessel traffic. While still a young state, Alaska has become home to an ever aging fleet of vessels due to federal and state fishing rationalization programs, economic downturns, the inevitable aging and increased maintenance costs of these waterborne vessels, and increased requirements of vessel regulations and permits. Taken all together, many of these vessels have become uneconomical to operate as intended and therefore do not move and stay moored in a public harbor or anchored over public or state tidelands. These vessels form an increasing number of derelict and abandoned vessels throughout Alaska’s coast and rivers. Without a clear and pro-active response strategy and program for dealing with abandoned and derelict vessels (“ADV”) in public waters, the number of abandoned and derelict vessels will continue to increase and will leave the public to pay for the increased risk of damage to the natural environment.

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