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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Community Resources

Cook Inletkeeper has partnered with many Susitna Valley businesses to ensure that boaters have the resources they need to do their part to reduce spills and leaks. The folks at Burkeshore Marina (see their website here) have been working hard since 2011 to provide more services to help boaters keep gas and oil out of the water on Big Lake. They are working towards certification as a "Clean Harbor" through the Alaska Clean Harbors program through the implementation of best management practices. In 2011 we worked with them to get a new Smart Ash Burner on-site. With the Smart Ash Burner, staff at Burkeshore will be able to take used oil and gas-contaminated materials from boaters and customers and dispose of them properly. The Smart Ash is used in many of Alaska's large harbors, and effectively burns up these toxic materials, leaving a small pile of harmless ash behind!

Clean Boating Supplies

Homer Harbor
Homer Harbor

As a boater, there are many ways to practice clean boating! Some of your local automotive or boating businesses may carry clean boating materials, such as bilge socks and absorbent pads, to help you reduce spills and leaks while fueling or changing engine oil. If not, ask them to, and you will be helping other boaters practice clean boating! Below are some tips on how to reduce spills and ensure you minimize risk of hydrocarbon pollution each time you recreate.

First version of the Clean Harbors poster
First version of the Clean Harbors poster

If you are interested in getting your business involved in the Clean Boating campaign, contact us to find out how you can help promote clean boating practices! In the meantime, check out our Resource Library and see below for handouts and fliers you can post at your business.

  • Listen to our clean boating radio ad here
  • Read some clean boating tips here
  • Download clean boating fliers to post at your business here