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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Treatment Options

If your water test reveals a high level of a contaminant, it helps to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it a health risk?
  • Are there aesthetic problems?
  • What is causing the high level?
  • What treatment options are there?

There are several types of treatment options available, and finding the best option for your situation will take some research and talking with experts in the field.  Below are some links to guide you and to help you make smart decisions when considering a water treatment.

Drinking Water Treatment

NSF database of certified water treatment options, searchable by treatment claim and company/product type:

“Land & Water” has detailed descriptions on pages 11-19 of how different treatment options work:

Page 16 of “Water on Tap” contains a useful table that outlines treatment devices and their uses:

Water Testing and Interpreting Your Results:

Drinking Water Fact Kit: Tips for Selecting a Water Treatment System:

Cornell University Cooperative Extension maintains a website with exhaustive resources on general water treatment and specific contaminants/treatment options:

Local Water Treatment Businesses

Cook Inletkeeper does not endorse any business, product, or water treatment action. This list is provided below for your convenience.

  • Alaska Quality Water (Kinetico), Homer,, 235-5116 or toll free 1-866-269-4426
  • Kenai Peninsula Water Treatment LLC. , Kenai,, 283-5832
  • Water Systems and Service Company, Kenai, 776-8066
  • Alaksa’s H20 Pros, Sterling, 262-8711
  • Alaska Pure Water Products,, 907-563-3770,  Pumps, tanks, filters & housings, water treatment and purification. Water Treatment and Purification brands carried: AJ Antunes and Co., ClearWater Tech, LLC., Kinetico, MIXO, R-can Environmental, Sea Recovery, Ultraviolet Purification Equipment, UVPure.
  • MatSu Water,, 1-888-291-2444, Water Softeners: Braswell, Fleck; Filters: Freshpoint, GE, Pentek, FreshPoint; Iron & Sulfer Removal Systems: Braswell,
  • WaterPro,, 1-888-373-4624, Consultants on drinking water systems, installation, and sales. Based out of Wasilla.