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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Directions on how to use


At the top of the page a drop down menu controls preset locations for all the panels, chose the location nearest you and the panels will change to the most relevant station.

Using the Tide Prediction Panel

The tide panel shows the current predicted tide for the station selected (to the nearest half hour). Hover your cursor over the blue tide level line and the boxes below will show you the predicted tide for that time.

Clicking and dragging the tide graph will slide the graph forward or back in time, displaying what the tide was doing or will do!

Use the left and right arrows to move forward or backwards a full day.

Click the TODAY button will bring you back to the current date.

Click the TIDE TABLES button to bring up a full month worth of tides, from there you can navigate by month.


Changing Individual Panels

Individual Panels can be changed with their associated drop down menu.

Remember Your Settings for Next Time

By enabling cookies in your browser, www.inletkeeper.orx/wx will remember your choices so the next time you visit you will see your preferred stations.