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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Planned Giving

Give a gift to Cook Inletkeeper and leave a legacy for our children, so future generations can experience the same Cook Inlet that we cherish today.

“I don't want my children to grow up in a world where there are no commercial fishermen, where we've lost touch with the seasons and the tides and the things that connect us to the 10,000 generations of human beings that were here before. I want my children to be able to catch a fish out of Cook Inlet, and be able to eat that fish, just like people have been doing for hundreds of years.”
Robert F. Kennedy, President of the National Waterkeeper Alliance

Give a gift to Cook Inletkeeper and leave a legacy for our children, so future generations can experience the same Cook Inlet that we cherish today.


Benefits of Planned Giving

You know that love you have for a pristine Cook Inlet, a place where the fish you catch are healthy, the beaches you comb are clean, and the streams you walk will be visited by millions of future generations of salmon. A bequest could be the most important gift you ever make to protect what you love.

How much you give is up to you. How big the impact is up to us. Whether you use cash or other assets, such as real estate, artwork, or partnership interests, the benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of charitable giving very attractive.

Potential benefits of planned gifts:

  • A great opportunity to join a group of dedicated individuals who care about protecting Cook Inlet for future generations.
  • A legacy gift is a way that you can make a significant contribution without having it impact your present financial situation.
  • You can give what’s left, after your heirs are cared for and pass assets to family at a reduced tax cost
  • By planning ahead you can avoid probate and make it easier for friends and family to celebrate your memory.

We can assist you in crafting a planned gift to meet your charitable and financial goals.

Choose the Gift Plan that Matches Your Goal

Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, and contracts. Basic descriptions of the most popular types of planned gifts follow.

Gift of Cash: Make a quick & easy current gift; Reduce tax burden.

Gift of Appreciated Securities: Avoid capital gains taxes; Reduce income tax burden.

Gift of Closely Held Stock from Your Company: Avoid capital gains taxes; Take distribution from your company; Reduce income tax burden.

Gift from Retirement Plan: Reduce taxation (up to 70%) on assets intended for heirs; Plan an easy future gift.

Gift of Life Insurance: Maximize value of paid-up insurance policy; Reduce income tax burden; Make low-cost major gift with new policy (a great option for younger donors).

Transfer on Death Deed: New in Alaska as of Summer 2014! When you die, this deed transfers property, subject to any liens or mortgages (or other encumbrances) on the property. Probate is not required. The TOD deed has no effect until you die. You can revoke it at any time. You are also free to transfer the property to someone else during your lifetime. More information on Transfer on Death Deeds available at the Alaska Court System Site

Bequest via Will or Living Trust: Retain full control of assets during life; Reduce potential estate taxes; Maximize bequests to family via well planned charitable gifts; Fund annual gift to Foundation in perpetuity.

Charitable Gift Annuity: Increase spendable income with guaranteed income for life; Receive higher rate of return over traditional fixed income investments (such as CDs); Reduce income tax burden; Build supplemental retirement funds; Build educational funds for children & grandchildren’s future needs.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Transform appreciated assets (such as low basis stock or real estate) generating little income and/or subject to capital gains tax into an income producing resource that bypasses capital gains taxes; Reduce income tax burden; Build supplemental retirement, educational, and special needs funds; Plan tax-advantaged bequests to family.

Charitable Lead Trust: Grow assets intended for heirs in tax-advantaged way to provide greater future benefit to loved ones; Maximize use of assets for period of years when income is not needed; Reduce income and estate tax burden; Plan tax-advantaged bequests to family.

The information provided on this web site are for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Prior to making a planned gift to Cook Inletkeeper, please consult a qualified financial advisor.

If you are interested in planned giving, please contact Cook Inletkeeper  at or 907.235.4068.