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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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ACTION ALERT - Chuitna Instream Flow Decision

Take a minute RIGHT NOW to tell Governor Walker he has the legal, scientific – and moral – imperative to do the right thing.



On August 21 the Alaska DNR held a hearing to take evidence on the Chuitna Citizens Coalition’s applications for Instream Flow Reservations for Middle Creek.  Middle Creek is an important salmon spawning tributary of the Chuitna River in Upper Cook Inlet, where PacRim Coal, owned by a couple of Texas Billionaires, proposes to strip mine through nearly 14 miles of wild salmon stream to send coal to China and other Asian markets.  Learn more about instream flow rights here.

Now, the Walker Administration has until October 6 to make a final decision.

Talking Points:banner.jpg

1. The state of Alaska has a simple choice between keeping water in streams for salmon or giving 100 percent of it to an Outside coal company to export coal to China.

2. This choice goes beyond just salmon or coal. It is a choice between standing with the values of everyday Alaskans or with Outside companies that seek to profit from the destruction of our sustainable fisheries resources.

3. As a first-of-its-kind proposal to mine directly through a salmon stream, PacRim Coal’s proposed Chuitna strip mine would set a terrible precedent that would leave salmon streams across Alaska at risk.

4. We were deeply disappointed in the Parnell Administration for drowning out the voices of Alaskans and failing to protect the salmon we rely on.

5. The Walker/Mallott Administration can now distinguish itself by bringing integrity back to a permitting process that Alaskans have increasingly grown to distrust.

6. Over 7500 Alaskans around the state have already asked Gov. Walker and the DNR to protect water in streams for salmon and reject coal strip mining through salmon streams.

7. Keeping water in streams for salmon is in the public interest because it’s good for subsistence, recreation, the commercial fishing industry, our economy, and our way of life in Alaska.

And here is our testimony from the August 21, 2015, hearing: Inletkeeper Instream Flow Testimony

Your letter will be sent to the following people:
  • Commissioner Sam Cotten
  • Governor Bill Walker
  • David Schade
  • Commissioner Mark Myers
  • Special Assistant David Rogers
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