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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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ACTION ALERT - Email Senators to Protect Instream Flow

BACKGROUND: Governor Parnell has introduced bills (HB 77 & SB 26) designed to expand Government power and strip Alaskans of their rights to clean water and healthy fisheries.  One proposal is especially damaging – it would deny Alaskans the right to keep water in streams for salmon.  Under current law, Alaskans can file for “instream flow rights,” to secure enough water in salmon streams for healthy fisheries.  Mining, oil and gas corporations, however, want unfettered access to Alaskan waters – regardless whether they support wild salmon.  So Governor Parnell is cutting everyday Alaskans – citizens, groups and Native Tribes - from the loop.  Read Inletkeeper’s post to get a better idea about instream flows.


  • Alaskans have a right to healthy salmon and an obligation to protect them.  Don’t strip away our rights to keep water in our streams for healthy fish. It’s unfair.
  • Put fish first! When allocation decisions are made in streams, wild salmon should get a priority over other out of stream uses.
  • We need more balance in our fish management decisions.  DNR routinely processes water use applications for mining, oil and gas corporations, but it almost never processes the instream flow applications needed to keep water for fish.
  • Governor Parnell has repeatedly promised he would “never trade one resource for another.” Our politicians need to be held accountable, don’t trade the water our sustainable, wild fish need for one-time development projects.
  • Alaska salmon streams are warming, and salmon are becoming more vulnerable to pollution, predation and disease; that’s why it’s more important than ever to keep water in streams to ensure healthy fish.
Your letter will be sent to the following people:
  • Senator Gary Stevens
  • Senator Johnny Ellis
  • Senator Mike Dunleavy
  • Senator Fred Dyson
  • Senator Anna Fairclough
  • Senator Berta Gardner
  • Senator Dennis Egan
  • Senator John Coghill
  • Senator Charlie Huggins
  • Senator Lesil McGuire
  • Senator Click Bishop
  • Senator Hollis French
  • Senator Bert Stedman
  • Senator Cathy Geissel
  • Senator Pete Kelly
  • Senator Initial Testing
  • Senator Peter Micciche
  • Senator Donald Olson
  • Senator Bill Wielechowski
  • Senator Kevin Meyer
  • Senator Lyman Hoffman
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