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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Tell The EPA To Protect Our Salmon Habitat

Tell the EPA to Protect our Salmon Habitat. Governor Parnell has promised Alaskans on numerous occasions he would “never trade one resource for another.”Yet the Parnell Administration’s actions bely its words, and it appears especially determined to undermine wetlands, water and fish habitat protections to facilitate development of the proposed Chuitna coal strip mine in Upper Cook Inlet.

Governor Parnell has publicly stated "We're never going to allow a mine that trades the future of one resource for another." But his actions bely his words.

Salmon are vital to our local and State’s economies, and they define who we are as Alaskans. Yet Alaskans are increasingly concerned the Parnell Administration will not protect wild salmon habitat from large-scale coal strip mining. 

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s marketing relies heavily on branding our wild Alaska salmon as wild, healthy and sustainable.  Yet under the Parnell Administration, we are repeating the “death by a thousand cuts” mistakes which have led to the demise of once-proud salmon runs from Europe to New England to the Pacific Northwest.  We can and must do better.

Most Alaskans are shocked to learn there’s no law that bans large scale strip mining through our wild salmon streams.  If the State of Alaska won’t protect our sustainable salmon resources from one-time extractive use, then we need the EPA to enforce the Clean Water Act.

We know protecting salmon habitat is the most practical way to ensure our wild salmon feed our families and our economies for years to come.

Please use the form below to tell the Environmental Protection Agency in your own words that you want to protect the wetlands and waters that support our salmon habitat from coal strip mining.

Key talking points:

  • We support wild, healthy Alaska salmon, because they define who we are as Alaskans and, if properly managed, they can support our local and state economies for decades to come.
  • The Chuitna River and its tributaries are designated by ADF&G as “significant to salmon.”
  • There is no scientific proof that coal strip mining projects which completely remove wild salmon streams can ever be restored to support wild salmon runs; there has never been a successful reclamation of a salmon stream that was totally removed by strip mining.
  • Without habitat protection, our wild salmon runs will suffer the same "death of a thousand cuts" that has destroyed salmon runs in Europe, New England and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Protecting salmon habitat protects local families and communities, and the jobs they depend on.
  • The Parnell Administration says it will “never trade one resource for another,” but its policies favor one-time mining projects over long term sustainable salmon habitat management.


Your letter will be sent to the following people:
  • Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe
  • Regional Administrator Dennis McLerran (USEPA Region 10)
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