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Protecting Alaska's Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains since 1995.
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Inletkeeper & KBCS Comments - 2017 Cook Inlet Areawide Oil & Gas Lease Sale

For the foregoing reasons, we request that you supplement the 2009 Cook Inlet and 2014 Alaska Peninsula best interest findings to take into account the climate-related effects of oil and gas lease sales on both the areas at issue and the state as a whole. Climate change is ravaging Alaska’s coasts, melting its glaciers, altering its ecosystems, destroying its infrastructure, and harming its fishing industry. Moreover, the impacts are most sharply felt in rural, predominantly Native communities, which often lack access to services available elsewhere in the state. Given new information about the serious, disproportionate harms of climate change on Alaskans, ADNR would be well justified in concluding that the areawide lease sales proposed here are not in the best interests of the state. We urge the agency to review this information fully and fairly, consistent with its statutory obligations, and revoke its best interest findings for both the Cook Inlet and Alaska Peninsula Areas. Expanded oil and gas leasing, which will make it more difficult to rein in climate change, is not in the state’s best interest.