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Stop Climate Denier Scott Pruitt from Running EPA

Posted by Bob Shavelson at Jan 13, 2017 08:05 PM |
Scott Pruit Climate Denier EPA Administrator Cook Inlet Alaska
Stop Climate Denier Scott Pruitt from Running EPA

Scott Pruitt is a climate change denier.  As a Oklahoma Attorney General he has sued the EPA more than a dozen times to try to block regulations that protect our air, water and climate.

There are a lot of frightening nominees to speak out against right now, but we believe Scott Pruitt is one of the most dangerous for Alaska.  As Alaskans, we know that climate change is absolutely real and that it is happening fast here in our home.  Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our way of life and is not something we can deny or ignore.

Take a few minutes TODAY to call Senators Lisa Murkowski & Dan Sullivan to oppose the Scott Pruitt nomination.  It is critical that they hear from Alaskans.

Never made a phone call to a legislator before?  Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. You’ll talk to a staffer, or most likely leave a message on a voicemail.

Say your name and your address (it’s important that our Senators hear from their constituents) and give a short statement on why you oppose Scott Pruitt.  It's best to use your own words and share your own story.  That’s it.

Here are some quick talking points to help you get started:

  • Climate change is a fact and Alaska is warming at twice the rate as the rest of the nation.  Approving a climate-change denier is reckless and dangerous for the future of Alaska.
  • The EPA is an important agency that protects the air we breathe and the water we drink.  We need someone who will take that job seriously for all Americans.  Scott Pruitt is not that person.
  • Scott Pruitt has refused to release communications with oil and gas corporations while he was Attorney General of Oklahoma, and any vote on his confirmation should be held until we know the facts about Mr. Pruitt.


Take 5 minutes to call your Senators:

Senator Lisa Murkowski

Anchorage: 907.271.3735

Mat Su Valley: 907.376.7665

Kenai: 907.283.5808

Washington, DC: 202.224.6665


Senator Dan Sullivan

Anchorage: 907.271.5915

Mat Su Valley: 907.357.9956

Kenai: 907.283.4000

Washington, DC: 202. 224.3004

Check out this story in Grist that has some great questions for Pruitt: