Nancy Martha Yeaton


Gwi, Liita, Ngaqngaq, Maqu, Yartuliq, Antastasia, Nancy Martha Yeaton was born in English Bay, Alaska; the oldest daughter of Peter James Moonin and Wilma Moore. Nancy left English Bay when she was eight years old, and returned at the age of twenty-one. She now lives in Nanwalek. Her passions are Sugpiaq culture and language. Although Nancy is not fluent in Sugt’stun (Sugpiaq language), she shares her knowledge and culture with youth in her community. “The youth are waiting for us to share what we know, and they have so much knowledge to share with us Elders.” Nancy stated. She believes in empowering communities to make decisions impacting their way of life. “Water is very important in our lives, it provides sustenance as we watch the slow changes coming our way. Let us learn to adapt to the changes coming our way,” Nancy shared. She has worked intimately with the Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation Program, creating curriculum based on culture and language of the Chugach Region, and she has grown to love this job, never realizing how one could love their job so much. Nancy is quite excited and nervous to sit on the board. With her excitement, she brings a depth of indigenous cultural knowledge, wisdom, and environmental consciousness to the Cook Inletkeeper Board.

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