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Everybody eats! Here you’ll find resources to stay connected to the food our community grows. Healty eating can be done right in our back yards.

A watershed and its local food are intimately connected. Although we’ve become dependent on industrial agriculture, it also has raised concerns about environmental degradation, resource depletion, and food security issues. Our local food programming supports farmers and food producers across the Cook Inlet | Tikahtnu Watershed and beyond through the Alaska Food Hub and Alaska Farmers Market Association.

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The Impact of  Inletkeeper’s  Alaska Food Hub on Local Agriculture and Community Resilience

Food hubs play a vital role in retaining money within our local economies, fostering the growth of new markets for local farmers, increasing awareness of healthier food choices, and enhancing our knowledge of our food systems. There is no better way to converse and understand the intersection of climate, stewardship, resiliency, justice, and integrity than through the vessel of local food — simply because everybody eats!


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The Alaska Food Hub is an online farmers market where growers, fishermen, and makers sell products directly to consumers. Our flexible and resilient services make it possible for producers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food on the Kenai Peninsula.

The vendors and their products are as diverse as the watershed Inletkeeper protects. There are mariculturists, market gardeners, herbalists, flower farmers, home gardeners with bumper crops, new and beginning farmers, beekeepers, bakers, fishermen, and value-added vendors utilizing our virtual marketplace.

Our service supports local economies, keeps food dollars within our region, and provides high-quality local foods to our neighbors. Our vendors and customers depend on our watershed’s health to continue growing food, build strong communities, and keep people ever-connected to the air, landscape, soil, and water.

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