About Us

Cook Inletkeeper’s journey began in 1995 in the wake of Exxon Valdez. Our work is deeply rooted in ensuring a spill of that scale never puts our waters at risk again and future generations inherit a healthy environment. Our core identity has always been about advocating for the public interest in maintaining clean water, lands, and air for all.

When our communities, watershed, and way of life are threatened by extraction, corporate greed and short-sighted development, we stand up for Alaskan communities’ health, which is inextricably intertwined with the health of our lands and waters. As a community-based nonprofit organization, we combine advocacy, science, and outreach toward our mission to protect Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains.

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Over time, threats to our watershed, political climate, and our communities have changed but our mission has remained. Being a nimble, grassroots, place-based organization has allowed Inletkeeper the flexibility to shift to meet new needs as they arise in both our waters and communities to ensure clean water and healthy salmon for generations to come.

Our Vision

We envision thriving and equitable communities in a resilient Cook Inlet watershed.

Our Mission

Cook Inletkeeper protects Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains.

Our Values

JusticeWe believe all people – including future generations – have an equal right to the essential necessities of life including clean water, healthy habitats, clean energy and healthy food. We recognize and embrace these values as basic and fundamental human rights.

IntegrityWe believe in doing the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing. We work to hold ourselves accountable to this standard and expect others to do the same. Alaskans collectively own our public water and land resources. While we have a fundamental right to healthy lands and clean water, we have a corresponding right-to-know timely and accurate information about toxic pollution that may be contaminating our food sources, our drinking water and other public resources.

Ecological Stewardship – We envision an Alaska beyond oil and believe that thriving and equitable communities with regenerative economies are possible through strong stewardship of Cook Inlet’s abundant resources. Alaska and the U.S. remain mired in an undue reliance on fossil fuels, which is polluting our air and water, sickening our residents and changing our climate.

Our Strategy

At Cook Inletkeeper, we are committed to protecting Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains through a unique blend of advocacy, science, and outreach.


We confront the role of oil and gas corporations in toxic pollution and climate change while advocating for a justly sourced energy transition. Our work also involves monitoring progress and policy on water quality and renewables.


For decades, we have collected stream temperature data, which highlights the intersection between climate change and wild salmon. This data helps inform land and water management decisions.


Our efforts involve community organizing and strategic communications to amplify and implement our advocacy and science. We engage with local communities and a strong coalition of groups in Alaska to protect wild salmon landscapes and address the climate crisis. 

In addition to our core work, we are also focused on creating sustainable and equitable economies and local climate solutions. We continue to build and activate a base of supporters who stand up for their ways of life. 

Our communications strategies are targeted to amplify threats and opportunities for positive change. Through our organizing and communications efforts, we aim to achieve meaningful long-term policy and regulatory change. 

*We are guided by the Jemez Principals of democratic organizing because we believe how we work is just as important as the work itself.