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You are Here to Make A Difference

Climate change can be confronted with local action, and every community has a part to play. Thank you for doing your part.

Global climate change can be confronted with local action, and every community from the smallest to the largest has a part to play. Cook Inletkeeper has created a guide for seeking and carrying out climate actions that are impactful where you live and achievable with the resources your community has.
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Every technical solution needed to reverse climate change already exists. What’s missing is work to spread these solutions throughout the world. Anyone can begin that work by gathering their neighbors to discover what solutions fit the place they call home. The Local Climate ActionKit is our model for doing just that.

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In the early 2010s, author and environmentalist Paul Hawken convened scientists and policy experts to model, analyze, and rank the 100 most effective ideas for reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas. He called it Project Drawdown because its goal wasn’t only to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but to draw greenhouse gases down from the atmosphere – solutions that in the long term would reverse rather than merely stop climate change. In 2017, the project published their findings in a detailed book and website

Drawdown’s most important innovation was to treat climate change less as an existential catastrophe than an engineering problem – solvable with practices that are emerging or already here. Its high quality and accessible presentation of these solutions lets non-specialists like us think more rigorously about climate action. Knowing that technical solutions to the climate challenge already exist means that responsibility isn’t in the technological sphere but the social, where communities can be moved to action by volunteers on the local level.