Local Resilience

Strengthening Communities for a Healthier Future

We believe that among the most practical and effective ways to address complex challenges like pollution, climate change, and inequality is through locally driven actions. Our local resilience work reflects this belief by fostering a local food economy, supporting community-led climate solutions, and engaging Alaskans consistently with stewardship opportunities to take action.

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We know that we’re not alone in this work. We are part of a vast interconnected network of people who care about improving our communities and our world. From friends and family, community-based organizations to like-minded businesses, from traditional knowledge bearers to interdisciplinary research teams, from local volunteers to the international Waterkeeper Alliance, there are so many people working toward the common vision of healthy lands, waters, and peoples. By banding together and doing our part in the Cook Inlet watershed, we can stave off the worst impacts of climate change and build resilient local communities.

Building Stronger Communities with Local Resilience

At Inletkeeper, we’re committed to building climate-resilient local communities through a variety of core strategies, including:

  • growing the local food economy through Alaska Food Hub to increase food security and decrease food miles from importing food; cultivating strong partnerships so we can be more effective together;
  • building and engaging our base to stand up for clean water values; and
  • supporting community-led climate solutions that make a measurable impact on reducing emissions and create unstoppable momentum.
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Dive Deeper into Local Resilience

To learn more about our work and how you can get involved in building stronger, more resilient communities, check out:

Our Community Action Kit

Which outlines our successful community-led climate solution process for groups to use to implement solutions in their communities.

Take YOUR Action

Past Drawdown Local Solutions

Like Peatland Preservation and Solarize the Kenai, as well as our ongoing projects RE-Tree and People Oriented Transportation.

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Shop The Alaska Food Hub

An online marketplace that connects farmers to consumers.

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Volunteer With Us

We can always use more partners and passionate folks alongside us in this work. Whatever your skill or interest, there’s a role for you.

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