Our Work

Our work is values-based and mission-driven.

Grounded in our values of justice, integrity, ecological stewardship we work to protect the Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains. We envision thriving and equitable communities in a resilient Cook Inlet watershed.

Our work is rooted in people and place.

Cook Inletkeeper acknowledges that Dena’ina, Alutiiq and Sugpiaq people of Alaska’s Southcentral region have been in community here long before the occupations of settler culture, past and present. Sacred relationships to traditional lands and ways of life endure to this day and are essential matters of any developing environmental or economic solution for Alaska’s future generations. Each of Cook Inletkeeper’s public events and campaigns are an opportunity to honor the people that came before us and are an invitation to be part of an inclusive story of Cook Inlet moving forward. Learn more about the principles of “decolonization” and a “just transition” at Indigenous Environmental Network.

Our work is interdisciplinary.

Healthy people and communities interdepend on healthy lands and waters. Our motto, “clean water – healthy salmon”, highlights two critical indicators of a healthy ecosystem. Keeping water clean, and salmon and people healthy requires a multi-pronged approach to meaningfully and lastingly address the most important challenges facing the Cook Inlet region.

Our work is local.

As a home-grown, community-based organization, we serve needs unmet by the for-profit sector. We can nimbly adapt to what is most relevant within our communities and address the region’s most pressing clean-water issues.

Our Work Involves Advocacy
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The heart of our work is advocacy.

It’s in everything we do – from our legal work, to our field science, to our community organizing – we advocate for intersectional environmental and social justice. We focus on three main program areas: Salmon Habitat to protect healthy salmon habitat and clean water, Energy Transition to accelerate the transition to an an equitable, decarbonized energy future, and Local Resilience to build climate-resilient local communities. Everything is connected.

Our work needs YOU!

Only with our volunteers, donors, and action-takers, can we work strongly and swiftly to protect the health of our lands, waters, and communities. Whatever your skills or interests, there is a place for you in Inletkeeper’s work. To get involved and to learn more, visit our staff in Homer and Soldotna (link), or reach out online.

Reach Out & Get Involved

If you’re passionate about this stuff like we are we’d love to heard from you. Share your story or your craft or your passions with us. Join us in making the world a better place.