Local Solution Series: Homer Drawdown


People Oriented Transportation
April 2022 – October 2023

Our current solution is focused on reducing local carbon emissions by organizing projects that help people of all ages and all abilities decide to walk, bike or roll when they would normally choose to drive. By advocating to and partnering with the City of Homer to improve policy and infrastructure, advancing mapping and wayfinding resources, organizing events that normalize walking and biking, creating and maintaining connective trails, and organizing educational programs, we are shifting our transportation landscape to center the safety and experience of people, not vehicles.

Homer Drawdown Peatland Event
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Five active working groups are driving these solutions:

  • Bike Infrastructure and Education
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Events
  • Trails, Mapping & Wayfinding
  • School Accessibility

Monthly meetings typically occur on the 3rd Wednesday each month, volunteer trail work happens every other Monday and working groups meet at least once a month.

We’ve Come A Long Way…

Community Education and Conservation of Peatlands October 2020 – October 2021


Homer Drawdown’s first solution aimed to protect local carbon sinks by bringing awareness to the role our abundant local peatlands play in the carbon cycle. The preservation and restoration of peatlands is rated #13 of all the solutions identified in Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. “Though these unique ecosystems cover just 3% of the earth’s land area, they are second only to oceans in the amount of carbon they store – TWICE that held by the world’s forests.”

The Peatland Project coordinated citizen science outings to survey local peat depth and put peat on the map, a youth peatland themed camp, artist collaborations, experimental restoration pilots, public presentations and communication with local land managers and decision makers.

Get Involved

Homer Drawdown is a collaborative project between Alaskans Know Climate Change and Cook Inletkeeper and is equally supported by dedicated volunteers. If you live in or around Homer, we welcome you to exert your power with us! Let us know you are interested in adding your energy to our People Oriented Transportation Project.

Want To Help?

Reach out to satchel@inletkeeper.org with questions and ideas or sign up on Homer Drawdown’s website to be added to our mailing list by clicking the link below.