Shedding Light on Pathways Forward
Just weeks after January 6th 2021, a moment in U.S. history when dark clouds of hopelessnessand anxiousness overshadowed what should have been a celebration of democracy, AmandaGorman became the youngest […]
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Just weeks after January 6th 2021, a moment in U.S. history when dark clouds of hopelessness
and anxiousness overshadowed what should have been a celebration of democracy, Amanda
Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet, reciting her poem “The Hill We Climb” at the
presidential swearing-in ceremony. Her poem inspired hope and offered the nation a collective
call to action!

With 27 years of organizing under our belt, and determination to keep at it, Inletkeeper knows
holding on to optimism for a liveable future isn’t always easy. But it can always be found by
leaning into our communities’ willingness to show up for one another. Our power grows
when we exert it collectively and locally, together, and through our organizing we can,
and are, creating microcosms of the world we wish to live in.
It may be impossible to
drive a singular solution to turn the tide on climate change globally, but we can drive a wave of
solutions where we live, with our neighbors. Our local actions are part of a great movement of
communities across the globe.

Using the resource Project Drawdown (, Inletkeeper is providing a structure for
people to come together to assess, democratically select, and implement climate solutions across
community sectors. There is no shortage of ways we can redesign local systems that mindlessly
emit climate pollution, support local carbon sinks and more equitably meet community
needs. Project Drawdown helps us realize that we are well equipped for transformation today,
providing a framework of solutions that can be localized.

This spring, Homer Drawdown voted to steer our collective power toward solutions that
make the walking and biking experience more safe and enjoyable for people of all ages and
abilities, empowering people to drive less. When we reimagine Homer roadways and trails to
support bustling pedestrian and bike traffic, we create vibrant commercial districts, encourage
community connection and cooperation, AND reduce local emissions. Contact to join in.

The Central Peninsula chose Project “RE-Tree” last spring—focused on restoring and enhancing
tree cover in our neighborhoods and public spaces to beautify our communities and increase
our capacity for carbon sequestration. Project RE-Tree is currently underway and will go
through October 2023. JOIN US this year as we take action! Contact to
get involved.

It’s been said before, the antidote to despair is action. This especially rings true if
that action builds community, creates new leaders, and every now and then, can be
planned around a campfire, because community action is fun!
What can you do with
your community? The movement needs you. Through your network, you can help connect the
hearts and minds who deeply care about the future and galvanize hope into action. Committed
community members are what makes these solutions come to fruition.

As Amanda Gorman so powerfully penned at the end of “The Hill We Climb”, “For there is
always light / if only we’re brave enough to see it / if only we are brave enough to be it.”

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