Bridget Maryott


Bridget hails from the unceded lands of the Tohono O’odham peoples (Tucson, AZ) where she learned at a young age that water is life. After spending four decades in the Sonoran Desert, it became apparent that the local lands and waters could not withstand their current population. While nothing could compare to the smell of the desert during a monsoon, living in a town of over a million was not sustainable or pleasurable. In a quest to find a better way to live in right relation with the land, she followed her family to Fritz Creek. She is enamored by exploring and foraging for mushrooms and other edibles. Since 2019, Bridget has worked in fundraising, communications, and operations, bringing a diverse background ranging from visual communications to cancer diagnostics and marketing to the Inletkeeper team. She believes in strong communities, especially queer ones, and gives back by serving on the Homer Pride Committee and the Bunnell Street Arts Center Board of Directors.

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